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There are many reasons why we may need to crop out our artwork. For instance, as much as we love everything our kids create there could be times where they just want that dinosaur or star they drew. Problem is, there is another drawing right next to it or they spilled some sauce near it.. (we have all been there!) and it is impossible to take a photo with only the part they want!

No worries! Simply upload the whole artwork and select to crop out the part of the artwork you want at the cropping step.

The good things is regardless of why you may need to crop your artwork, cropping is super easy so crop away if you need to!



Simply select out the part of artwork you like by circling it out or cropping it out in any shape ( eg following it’s outline if you would like to exclude details very near it, or if artwork is drawn to the edge of the paper).

Crop in one continuous move, but you don't need to end off at the exact same point you started out and it is ok if your cropping outline veers outside of the box, it still counts! We find it hard to keep within the lines too!


My drawing is a single item, do I still need to crop?

Sometimes image backgrounds may be hard to remove completely or there are some unwanted marks around your drawing. If so, you can crop it out to exclude such parts.

Even if your background is completely removed we still recommend cropping as you can outline close to your drawing and further exclude any small un-removed background parts or marks around your image you may have missed.


Part of my artwork image is removed when the background is removed!

Sometimes when the background has colour shades close to your artwork color, those parts of your artwork can be removed alongside it. If you do not like that you can skip background removal and crop your image out exactly along its outline or with the background and make it part of your artwork! There is no fixed template, so go ahead and have fun with cropping!